Our Programs

Through breath, ice, sauna, and juicing, our programs are designed to help you reclaim your health, overcome emotional blockages, deepen your intuition, and expand your awareness.

Join a class of six for a 2-hour conscious connected breathwork session. Integrate and share your experience with the group.

Available Monday thru Friday 6-8pm.

*Fridays include Live Musical Performance.

Private sessions are great for those looking to deepen their personal experience while getting the most out of the Malibu Alchemy Temple.

Choose a package that is right for you!

Available Mondays thru Fridays; 9am-3pm.

Connect with six other like-minds to further explore your personal power during our group Day Retreats.

Choose from a half day, full day, or speciality couples experience.

Available Saturdays & Sundays.

Reconnect with the Earth’s energy in our 5-Element Intensive.

Breathe with a different element each week to realign and retune the human frequency with the power and majesty of our planet.

This course offers a profound technique to find balance, strength, and serenity within yourself.

Available seasonally.


Our Techniques


Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

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