From daily group and private sessions to weekly retreats, our programs are here to help you reclaim your intuition and deepen your life experience.


2-hr Private Session

Reform Your Soul

Enjoy a 2-hour private experience to deepen your personal journey with this one on one conscious connected breathing session.

Available Mondays & Fridays 9-3pm.


4-hr Private Session

Awaken Your Spirit

Refresh your soul with this 4-hour half day escape. Enjoy a private conscious connected breathing session, along with ice and sauna therapy, and fresh pressed juice to renew your mind & body.

 Available Tuesdays & Thursdays 10-2pm.


6-hr Private Session

Reclaim Your Intuition

Step away from the world and treat yourself to a 6-hour day of soul retrieval. Enjoy a private conscious connected breathing session, ice and sauna therapy, fresh pressed juice, and private beach access.

Available Wednesdays 9-3pm. 

Sonic Breath

Group Session

Conscious Connected Breathing

Join a class of six for a 2-hour conscious connected breathwork session. Integrate and share your experience with the group.

Available Monday thru Friday 6-8pm.

*Fridays include Live Musical Performance.

Breath & Connect

Group Day Retreat

Let Go & Receive

End the week with a refreshing 8-hour retreat. Connect with like minds during a day long group healing experience. Start with conscious connected breathing, invigorate your body with ice and sauna therapy, and wash away old energy at a private beach.

Available Saturdays & Sundays 10-6pm.

*Lunch and fresh juice provided.

Deepen & Recharge

Couples Day Retreat

Fall Deeper in Love

Deepen the love between you and your partner by diving into this 8-hour couples retreat. Exercise self-love in order to show up fully in your relationship and practice tantric techniques to further awaken your relationship.

Available monthly. 

*Lunch and fresh juice provided.


Our Techniques


Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

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