Breathing Techniques

Wim Hof Breathing for Beginners

Guided Pranayama for a Calm Mind

Guided Meditation & Pranayama

Guided Exercise (Yoga Asanas)

Total Body Yoga & Tension Release | Healing from the Inside Out 

60 Minute Breath of Life Yoga Class | All Level Stress & Anxiety Release

Perfect Full Body Yoga | Detox & Digestion Flow


Chakra Balance for Positive Engery

Create Greater Intuition with the Elements

Attract Love & Abundance

Interviews & Lectures

The Yoga of Physical Immortality, Immortal Yogis and Babaji by Leonard Orr

Leonard Orr on Immortality

The Life of Haidakhan Babaji – The Supreme Avatar


Desert Dwellers “Breath” Full Album

Kaya Project “Firedance” Full Album

Krishna Das “Door of Faith” Full Album


Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

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