Ground & Nourish

Superfood Dinner Party

Thurs. April 22, 2021


Aquarian Alchemy is celebrating Earth Day with Medicinal Chef, Jummee Park!

Return to elemental eating and realign your body to the frequencies of the Earth when you learn how to use high vibrational foods to guide personal transformation.

Enjoy a gourmet dinner spread, prepared using Ayurvedic & Biodynamic practices, as you listen to a unique lecture on how best to eat in rhythm with the Earth.

Join us in Malibu for a unique Springtime dining experience.

Capacity is limited. Reserve your seat now.

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Meet Chef Jummee Park

Jummee Park is a Korean culinary medicine woman, using food to heal and empower the body. She pairs Ayurvedic techniques with Biodynamic farming to create menus and recipes that promote personal transformation and longevity. 

A long time Zen practitioner and student of breath work, Jummee has become in tune with the frequencies of the Earth. She uses high vibrational foods that represent the elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) to balance and reconstruct specific areas of the body. 

Her consumer brand, Jummee™, offers a unique blend of ingredients that alchemize Eastern naturopathy with Western philosophy. Jummee products include nourishing homegrown whole greens and herbs, gut-balancing fermented foods, immunity-boosting bone broths, and homemade, antioxidant-rich kimchi.

Each recipe is inspired by culinary secrets that have been passed down in Jummee’s family for over one thousand years.